Spay and Neuter


 There are many reasons to spay or neuter your pet rabbit, but the most important reason is that in general, altered rabbits live longer.

Other reasons to spay or neuter your pet rabbit include:

  • Avoiding having to care and find homes for litters of bunnies
    • the average litter size is 6 bunnies…..this means that by the end of two years, a female rabbit and her offspring can be responsible for bringing over a thousand young into the world!
  • Prevention of uterine cancer
    • Uterine adenocarcinoma can approximately 80% of female rabbits.  This type of cancer often spreads to the liver, lungs, and skin.   This cancer is virtually untreatable if it spreads from the uterus.
  • Prevention of other uterine disease
    • Rabbits are also susceptible to pyometra (Literally, an infected uterus full of pus)
    • uterine aneurism (uterus full of blood)
    • endometritis (inflamed uterine lining)
  • Prevention of false pregnancies
    • This happens when a hormonal imbalance occurs, allowing a rabbit’s body to act as though it is pregnant, when, in fact, she is not.
  • Prevention of aggressive behavior
  • Prevention of urine spraying
    • While both male and female rabbits can spray urine on vertical surfaces to mark their territory, males are 10 times more likely to do so.
  • Prevention of testicular disease, most commonly
    • Testicular abscesses
    • Testicular hematomas
    • Testicular cancer
The spaying and neutering process at Elmwood Park Animal Hospital