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College of Animal Chiropractors (CoAC)

The College of Animal Chiropractors (CoAC) is an international and non-profit organization that promotes excellence in animal healthcare through integration and development of chiropractic methods.


The CoAC prides itself on representing and supporting the licensed professionals who have successfully completed approved animal chiropractic certification programs. Because the field of animal chiropractic is growing rapidly, the CoAC is progressive in its approach to educate and practice the best care for their animal patients. They are committed to growth, and look to continue to educate and support their veterinarians throughout North America, Europe and Latin America.

Why is the CoAC important?

Through utilization of research, education, and service to the public, the CoAC develops the art and science of animal chiropractic to alleviate pain and suffering of their animal patients, while also improving their quality of life.